Blackest Night: Rise of the Black Lanterns TPB

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The darkest night comes as prophecy on Oahs book, and the black lantern corps drives the entire DC universe to its death. The person holding the key to the gesture of the predicted destiny is Green Lantern Jordan, and Jordan is the one who has the key to rediscovering the red lantern, the orange, the yellow, the blue, Of the seven different lanterns with different characteristics. Could these corps, who would never be bound together, gather their strength against a great enemy? Is it a good idea to have all the lanterns in their hands to turn off the lights? Without a bird to organize thought, the earth turns into the last battleground of the living and the dead, and only those who exude the brightest light can walk through the dark tents. The reversal is reversed and everyone is astonished, and in the end, a more shocking ending may be waiting for ... . The darkest hour of the universe! How will the Green Lantern Corps overcome this period?