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WtF Blood of the Wolf WW30301

WtF Blood of the Wolf WW30301

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Heart of the Predator

What's it like to have the soul of a beast and the calling of a monster, all concealed within the skin of a person? How do you live among the human herd when your instincts tell you they're prey? What sort of strain does shapeshifting have on your system? What does it mean to have the blood of the wolf?

A character book for Werewolf: The Forsaken™

  • Practical information on how werewolves cope with both the wilderness and the urban jungle
  • Expanded information on werewolf physiology; new shapeshifting tricks, regeneration, and more
  • Expanded information on wolf-blooded characters (the offspring of werewolves and humans) and their role in the setting
  • A bevy of new rules and character options make this an "advanced player's guide"
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