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Captain Atom The Fall and Rise of Capt Atom

Captain Atom The Fall and Rise of Capt Atom

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Captain Atom is dead...but his story is just beginning.
Nathaniel Adam is one of Earth’s most powerful heroes...and one of the most dangerous. As Captain Atom, his body is in a constant state of nuclear flux. He’s always one bad day away from a complete nuclear meltdown...until that one bad day arrives.
Now, the world thinks Nathaniel Adam is dead, destroyed in a blast that also claimed innocent lives. But in reality, Adam took a quantum trip through time and ended up powerless, 20 years in the past. But before he can make a new life and a happy ending for himself, his future is about to catch up to him.
Captain Atom lived a hero, and he died a villain. What will he become when he gets a second chance at life...and what will the world make of him?
Written by comics author Cary Bates (SUPERMAN) and Greg Weisman (YOUNG JUSTICE) with art from Will Conrad (CYBORG), THE FALL AND RISE OF CAPTAIN ATOM reimagines the classic hero for the Rebirth Era of the DC Universe...and the rebirth of Captain Atom! Collects issues #1-6.

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