Conan the Barbarian Vol 4 Land of the Lotus

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Conan’s quest in the Land of the Lotus! His march to Khitai has landed him as a prisoner of the imperial guard…but it will take more than chains to keep a Cimmerian down! Conan plans his escape, but what dreaded beasts lurk in the land of Khitai — and what new dangers will impede his quest to return the deadly Tooth of the Nightstar to its rightful master? Plus, Conan has a new comrade — but is Meiwei everything she seems? Heng the Insurgent and his roving band of thieves hide a dark secret, and Conan must fight for his life against the bandit king’s deadly power! Will the barbarian have what it takes…even if it costs his very soul?

COLLECTING: Conan the Barbarian (2018) 19-25