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Flash (Rebirth) Vol 02 Speed of Darkness

Flash (Rebirth) Vol 02 Speed of Darkness

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Barry Allen may be the fastest man alive, but he can’t be everywhere at once. So when he finds out that his young protégé Wally West has been fighting crime as Kid Flash without Barry’s supervision, Flash has to put his super-fast foot down: no more Kid Flash training until Wally learns some responsibility.
But when Wally decides to prove his abilities to the Flash by investigating reports of a strange creature made of shadows in downtown Central City, he finds himself in a whole world of trouble...literally! Suddenly, Flash, Kid Flash and Iris West all become trapped in the Shadowlands of Flash’s old nemesis-turned-ally the Shade...only the Shade is no longer in control of his own powers.
Can the Kid Flash and Flash regain each other’s trust and figure out a way out of the Shadowlands? Or will darkness spread over the entire Earth?

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