Silk Vol 2 Out of the Spider-verse

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All team-ups, all the time! Spider-Man and Silk have a short, complicated history — but they’ve got to put it behind them fast when they’re thrown back in time to shortly before they get their spider-powers! Can Peter and Cindy let bygones be bygones, stop a sinister threat to reality as they know it, and avoid accidentally wiping out the moment that gave them their amazing abilities? Then, Spider-Woman takes a mentor role to Silk and Earth-65’s “Spider-Gwen” Stacy, and the trio enjoy a brunch break in Gwen’s home dimension. But when nefarious Earth-65 spy organization S.I.L.K. and its leader — a certain Cindy Moon — notice the interdimensional interlopers, everything quickly goes wrong for the three Spider-Women!

COLLECTING: Amazing Spider-Man & Silk: The Spider(Fly) Effect (2016) 1-4, Spider-Women Alpha (2016) 1, Spider-Gwen (2015B) 7-8, Silk (2015B) 7-8, Spider-Woman (2015) 6-7, Spider-Women Omega (2016) 1