Sonic the Hedgehog Archive Vol. 16

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The hunt for evil Ixis Naugus goes into full swing as Sonic and his best friend Tails continue the popular 'World Tour Saga'. Volume 16 features first time appearances by the Iron King and Queen, Jack Rabbit and his Sand Blast Freedom Fighters.

About the Author

THE SONIC SCRIBES are the many talented writers and artists who have helped create Archie Comics' popular and record-setting Sonic the Hedgehog comic books and graphic novels for two decades. They include early favorites such as Ken Penders, Angelo DeCesare, James Fry and Art Mawhinney, recent greats like Ian Flynn, Ben Bates, Tracy Yardley! and Jamal Peppers, and veterans like Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante and Steven Butler—and many more!