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White Wolf the Story Tellers Handbook

White Wolf the Story Tellers Handbook

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From the Depths of Imagination

There are no constants in this world - nothing remains the same while Vampires, Werewolves, Magi and other creatures of the night stalk this land. Only one mortal keeps a firm grasp on the chaos circling us. "

To the Horrors of RealityThe most difficult, most important and most rewarding role in Vampire belongs to the Storyteller, the creator of the Gothic-Punk world and the terror infesting it. To aid her in her task comes The Storytellers Handbook, a tome designed to help make her Stories into epics told throughout the ages.  

The Storytellers Handbook includes:

  • Extensive chapters on perfecting the Storytelling art, including everything from handling settings, Stories and Chronicles to motivating the-players to expanding your play into the murky past or radiation-scarred future;
  • New Bloodlines and an army of other foes for your Vampires to battle:
  • Additional rules for combat, magic, flight and a host of other dramatic systems

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