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Daimyo Senso is a 1-8 player game where each player takes the role of a 16th century Japanese daimyo in conquest to become the next Shogun. Players take turns during 4 seasons per year for 4 years, using predetermined commands during each season. Those commands are Move, Deploy, or Attack. Once per year, each daimyo may use one special skill, which amplifies the power of one of their commands. At the end of each year, players tally up their total Castles, Cities, and Fortresses and are awarded Honor based on that total.

The game is over after 4 years, and the player with the most Honor wins.

In single player, the board is set up with significantly more troops, and the player must battle through all of them to completely conquer 5 Regions within 4 years. This race against the clock also acts to help players understand the Actions and General Cards.

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