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Vampire Storytellers Handbook - Revised Edition WW2304

Vampire Storytellers Handbook - Revised Edition WW2304

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The Final Nights Hid a Million Stories From the hidden horrors of the Camarilla to the naked fiendishness of the Sabbat, vampires play at the eternal Jyhad.  Elders, ancillae, neonates and... others... prowl the nights.  Only one individual knows all the secrets of the World of darkness.   Anf They Must All Be Told The role of th Storyteller is a daunting one, and this book is an invaluable aid for those who orchestrate Vampire chronicles.  It includes a myriad of information, including enigmas best left out of players' hands, to create stories and populate the casts of epic tales.  The Vampire Storytellers Handbook revised edition leaves no stone unturned - except those that hide secrets no mortal should know.   Vampire Storytellers Handbook:

  • Includes systems for rare bloodlines, Disciplines and elder vampires
  • Presents a Vampire FAQ, details for the True Hand, crossovers with other World of Darkness games and other secrets of storytelling
  • Outlines suggestions for alternate character creatio, historical settings and chronicle creation.
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